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Partner's Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost to join the Affiliate Program?
It's completely free, no set up, membership fees, or hidden charges.
How does the site make money?
We charge a small service & handling fee to maintain a professional full service registry for your clients. This service & handling fee provides an ad free registry experience, wedding website and social networking tools with the highest level of security, encryption and insurance.

Couples may choose whether the service & handling fee will be added or deducted from each gift amount. Adding it to the transaction means that the purchaser will be charged 9.65% service & handling fee at check-out. The service portion of this fee is 7% and is what you receive commission on. The 9.65% also includes the fees charged to us by electronic merchant systems for processing. Deducting the service & handling fee will have the couple receive 7% less than the listed gift amount. If the fee is added, purchasers can choose to mail a check directly to the registry office for a 2.49% discount on the service & handling fee.
Do you book travel or any excursions?
No, we are not travel providers or travel agents. We are not in competition with you.
Is there a sign-up fee for the registrants?
No, it's free for the registrants to sign-up.
Do you build websites?
We don't build individual websites but we can refer you to some excellent companies that many of our agents use that do it all - from hosting to development. Just ask us and we will put you in touch with the right person.
What is a private label site?
For a small one-time fee we will create a Private Label site for you (our website with your name and logo on it) instead of just sending you the free designated link. Your clients will be impressed by you having your very own honeymoon registry and they will tell their friends and family that they are registered with ""

There is also a customized announcement card (in a digital format) that you can give to your wedding couples to place in their shower/wedding invitations to direct their friends and family straight to your website.

If you are with a host agency please check with your agency to see if this feature is already on your current website.
What is the advantage of a private label site?
When you have a private label site the wedding couple will print on their cards:
"We are registered at"
This will direct all the guests of the wedding to visit YOUR website and see all that you have to offer. It will also reinforce your brand by displaying your logo throughout the user's experience.
Where do the 20% commissions I make come from?
The service & handling fee broken down to cover various hard costs and you are compensated 20% of 7% of each gift purchase.
Is this connected to the travel booking?
No. The client pays you as normal for the travel booking.
How do I know what my clients get as gifts?
When the couple gets their first gift purchased on their registry we send you an email to notify you of their active registry. Shortly after, you will receive another email from us containing the couple's direct link. With this link you are able to go directly to their registry to see all of the gifts purchased for them.
Does book anything that is purchased on the site?
No, it's up to the couple to book what they would like. We recommend that you have a discussion with your clients ahead of time whether or not you will be booking any of their extras.
How do my clients know what they have as gifts?
Once a gift is purchased for the couple, they'll receive a notification email from us and a gift card from the purchaser. They can view their gifts at anytime by logging into their account with a username and a password.
If my clients are just getting money, why should they use the registry?
Using our registry, your clients will not receive any unwanted gifts and will know how much money they have to spend on their trip. With this, they will be able to pre-plan their activities. Studies show that people using their credit card give 34% more than if they were paying with cash. So if your clients use this honeymoon registry, they will get more than if they asked for cash. Our average gift given is currently $89.00.
How are my commissions paid?
We send you a check within 30 days after the couple's registry closes, which they close 90 days after their honeymoon. A check will be sent to you once you have accumulated $50 in commission.
How do my clients get paid?
Couples will call or email the registry office to request fund transfers. They will choose whether they are mailed a check or we can process a bank transfer (ACH transfer) for them by transferring the funds into either their checking account or savings account.
Do I get leads?
Since we don't book travel or any excursions, we don't charge a membership fee and we are not in competition with you.
How much should my clients expect from their registry?
On average a couple gets $2000.00 in gift money from their registry.
Does it matter where the honeymoon is booked?
We cover anywhere in the world - if we happen to have missed a destination where you have booked a trip to, let us know right away!
How long will it take to set me up?
Once you sign up we can have a designated link back to you within 24 hours.
I'm not technical, can you help with support?
We can help with any support regarding our site. We will do our best with all other questions about your site!
Is everything done by email? Can I talk to someone live?
Email is the fastest way to communicate with us, but of course - you can reach us by phone at 858-836-0101 Monday through Friday 9 to 5 PST.
Will you train us how to do bridal shows?
We provide training on
Do you have marketing materials we can use?
Yes, you can find a link to "View Marketing Materials" on our partner page. We have everything from flyers, letters, emails, buttons to training listed there.
Are there any other ideas you have to help us sell honeymoons?
A group of us got together to help you sell as many honeymoons as you can! Take a look at for more tips.
What other programs do you have?
For your clients with anniversaries we offer, an anniversary registry.

We also offer, a registry for any occasion such as birthdays, graduations, a well deserved vacation.

One of our newest programs is boasting travel wear for weddings, destination or not, honeymoons, romantic getaways, and every other special travel occasion. When you request a private label for this site, you earn 10% commissions on everything that is purchased through your site!
How can I maximize the benefits of using this program?
We've done all the software - this part is up to you! Make it work for your clients and you will have their anniversary trips and family vacations to come.
  • Make sure your clients have announcement cards telling where they are registered.
  • Make sure your clients have the bridal shower games.
  • Make sure you have Honeymoons & Weddings on your home page.
  • Make sure your Honeymoon Bridal Registry button is clearly visible.
  • Look at your clients' registries to see what they want - see if there is anything else you can book for your clients to earn extra commission.

We look forward to working with you!

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