Dads Sailabration of life
Dads Sailabration of life

Sail-A-Bration of Life

Help Ronnie cruise off into the sunset on his final cruise

Ronnie's final cruise

In order to Sail-A-Brate Ronnie and his love of being on the water and his partying ways, we will be performing a burial at sea. The exact date is undetermined, since there are many factors invovled once onboard the ship. However, we had a cruise booked prior to his death, to celebrate Thanksgiving, and their Anniversary. We will now be holding a burial at sea to honor his wishes. 

We intend to have a photographer throughout the day to capture our special moments. We also plan to include the "Bon Vayage" pacakge in honor of dad. It includes a bucket of Bud Light (dads favorite), 2 baseball caps (never left home without one), chips and guac (he loved his mexican food), and a bottle of Champagne. 

The family has decided there is no better way to Sail-A-Brate him than to get him on his final cruise, and enjoy all of his favorite things. 

Anyone who would like to join us on the cruise, please reach out to us for booking information. 

Anyone that would like assist with his Burial at Sea and Sail-A-Bration, feel free to make a digital purchase form the suggested list. 

There is absolutely no obligation, this is only for those who asked, the cruise was already booked, now we are just making it about Ronnie one last time.